Stirrup Cup Farm, LLC is a 160 acre hay farm and horse facility with roping arena and indoor located in Delta, Colorado. Delta is at the base of Grand Mesa on the western slope of Colorado - home to farming, ranching, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, outfitting, fishing, wine tasting, camping, hiking, trail riding, and many equestrian activities. Delta County is centrally located to some major Colorado towns such as Gunnison, Telluride, Grand Junction and Aspen.

We offer facility rental to select organizations and horsemen in need of a roping arena and/or indoor to host their event or clinic. We pride ourselves on superb footing, friendly service, affordable prices and professional management.

We do not breed horses nor offer boarding to the public. Though Team Roping is a predominant aspect of our business, our horse training is focused on giving all our horses a quality foundation based on traditional Dressage. We also work closely with the Colorado BLM Adopt-a-Wild-Horse-and-Burro program and have adopted and trained several wild horses.

The Outdoor Roping arena is a

170' x 270' custom built pipe and cable arena with an automatic Preifert Roping chute, covered boxes, crow's nest and office building. Several custom design features were built into the arena for both horse and rider safety, efficiency of use and for the comfort of all participants. A great deal of research and precision effort went into the construction of the arena surface and base to offer superb drainage and the best quality footing for all horses. There is ample parking and a gorgeous view of open farmland with Grand Mesa standing guard in the distance. Both the Indoor and Outdoor arenas are treated to reduce dust.

The Roping Arena

Covered boxes and an automatic Preifert Roping Chute

Shade-cover high enough to ride under and shade-covered catch pen

Blind return alley

The Indoor Arena

The Indoor dressage arena is a 70' x 240' Cover-All building with sand and rubber footing. The light and airy building is a superior facility in which to ride and train horses and has been the venue of choice for a variety of clinics during any time of the year.

Mike Ross clinic from Loma, CO - presented by Lariat Saddle Club, Montrose, CO

Wendy Murdoch clinic from VA - presented by Maree McAteer, Carbondale, CO

The Robo Steer is a remote controlled roping-steer roping dummy. We use it for our Beginning Team Roping clinics, private lessons and schooling young horses to learn correct position in team roping. Because the Robo Steer can be operated at a very slow speed it is an amazing tool for the beginner team roper. It also can help seasoned ropers who want to tune-up their technique by "slowing down" the steer and the action so a roper can concentrate on execution and position.

The Robo Steer can be worked with just a header, just a heeler or as a team!

Shana Terry clinic from DownUnder Horsemanship - presented by Stirrup Cup Farm

Beginner Team Roping school - presented by Stirrup Cup Farm

The Robo Steer

Delta Hay Company produces premium grass hay for the equine market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our hay and satisfaction of our customers - but most of all we care about quality feed for your horse. We also provide a lab analysis of our hay so horse owners can become better informed on the nutritional content of the feed they are giving their horse. Many of our customers have horses that suffer from Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance disease and feeding hay that is low in Non-Structural Carbohydrates has been proven to help these horses alleviate their symptoms.

Our fields are a grass mix of Orchard, Brome, Intermediate Wheatgrass and several other species. There is a small percentage of Alfalfa, Clover and Birdsfoot Trefoil. We irrigate with a center pivot and gated pipe. We do not use petroleum based fertilizers nor chemical herbicides on our hay fields. We believe in using Sustainable Agricultural practices to improve the soil biology which in turn produces healthy plants and nutritional forage for our horses!

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